Program Packages and Membership Tiers cater to diverse fitness goals and budgets. The Exercise Coach offers a range of options. Understanding the pricing and membership details can guide you to the best choice for your lifestyle.

Single Session Pricing

Starting with single session pricing, the Exercise Coach provides a pay-as-you-go option for those who prefer flexibility. Each coaching session is a personalized fitness experience.

  • Individual sessions can range in cost
  • Exact prices depend on location
  • Options for trial sessions may be available

Monthly And Annual Memberships

Long-term commitments come with cost advantages. Monthly and annual options provide consistent support.

Membership Type Features Monthly Rate Annual Rate
Basic Limited sessions per month $X $Y
Standard Unlimited sessions, plus extras $A $B
Premium All Standard features plus more $C $D

Members enjoy reduced rates per session. Bulk sessions lead to greater savings. The Exercise Coach advises on the best plan during a free consultation.

  1. Decide on the frequency of workouts
  2. Assess need for custom coaching
  3. Choose the package that suits you