Zac Efron Workout

This Zac Efron workout will be a complete guide that can help you get a body similar to that of Zac Efron. zac efron workout

There is no doubt that Zac has built up an incredible physique with a nice v-taper, and his body really shows in his latest new movie Neighbors.

In this movie Efron plays a college kid so his physique is tailored to that of a lean and defined build.

While in other movies such as The Lucky One, Efron’s frame is more muscular, but still fairly lean.

In this article I will discuss how you can change your workout and diet plan to help you build either type of physique, both of which are very impressive.

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Zac Efron Diet

The first thing that I want to talk about is nutrition and what a typical Zac Efron diet plan might look like. If you are shooting for the Neighbors look then fat loss will be the main thing that you need to focus on with your diet plan. I recommend losing weight at a slower pace (.5-1 pound per week) if you currently do not need to lose that much weight.

The reason for this is because you will be able to maintain and even gain some strength from your workout program while you are in a slight caloric deficit. If the deficit gets too large, then it can be an absolute nightmare trying to maintain your strength levels. On the other hand, if you have a lot of fat to lose, then you can create a larger deficit and lose weight at a faster pace.

This will help you to get to a low body fat percentage fast at which point you can focus all of your energy on building strength and dense muscle. If you are aiming for the body Efron had in The Lucky One, then your nutrition protocol will be fairly different. For this Zac Efron diet plan you will need to bulk up and add lean muscle.

The trick here is to do so by adding little to no fat so you will need to eat in a slight caloric surplus to achieve this look. A caloric surplus of 250 calories a day (or 1750 a week) will suffice and have you gaining roughly a half a pound of muscle a week. This might not sound like much, but imagine gaining 26 pounds of lean muscle over the course of a year! Your body would look completely different, and you wouldn’t have to cut later to lose the excess fat.

Zac Efron Workout

So for the actual Zac Efron workout we want to focus on both types of muscle growth: sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar. I have written an article called: How Many Reps to Build Muscle or Burn Fat explaining both types of growth. So check this post out if you have never heard of or are confused about these terms.

Anyhow, if you want the Neighbors physique then you will want to emphasize myofibrillar growth, while those of you targeting The Lucky One look will want to focus on sarcoplasmic growth. Both workouts will consist of three workouts a week.

This will help with recovery and help maximize strength gains. The Lucky One workout will emphasize muscles that create a dominant v-taper such as the shoulders and back, and the Neighbors workout will specialize in shoulders and biceps. zac efron abs

Zac Efron Neighbors Workout

Day 1: Shoulders, Biceps, and Back

Standing Barbell Press: 3 sets x 5 reps

Standing Lateral Raises: 3×6

Incline Dumbbell Curls: 3×6

Cross Body Hammer Curls: 3×8

Weighted Chin-Ups: 3×5

Bent Over Row: 3×5

Day 2:Chest, Legs, Triceps

Incline Dumbbell Press: 3×5

Cable Crossover (with high finish): 3×8

Bulgarian Split Squats: 3×5

Reverse Lunges: 3×6

Skull Crushers: 3×6

Rope Pushdowns: 3×8

Day 3: Biceps and Shoulders

Incline Dumbbell Curls: 3×6

Concentration Curls: 3×10

Standing Barbell Press: 3×5

Standing Lateral Raises: 3×8

Bent Lateral Raises: 3×10

Zac Efron Workout: Side Notes

The amount of rest that you will want to in between each set will vary depending on the exercise and the number of reps that it calls for. If an exercise calls for less than eight reps, then take two-three minutes of rest in between set. For exercises calling for eight reps, rest ninety seconds, and for exercises calling for more than eight reps rest one minute.

This rest protocol will really help to emphasize whatever kind of muscle growth (sarcoplasmic with higher reps or myofibrillar with lower reps) is being targeted for that exercise. You will also notice many of the same exercises for both of the different workouts. This is because not much variety needs to be provided in order to get the job done.

Focusing on the same core movements will also help to build strength in those lifts. Finally for a warm-up I recommend doing one to two warm-up sets of the exercise with some light weights. Let’s say for example you will be doing 135 pounds on the bench press for five reps. On your first warm-up use a light weight such as 70 pounds. Then for your next warm-up set increase the weights slightly up to around 95 pounds. After that you should be ready to get into your three main working sets.

Zac Efron Abs

Do not worry I have not forgotten about including abs in this workout. Zac Efron’s abs are like the icing on a cake especially when it comes to his physique in Neighbors. So in order to get Zac Efron abs, it is important to work them often and emphasize them.

It is also important to lose the fat in order to reveal your abs. So if you need help with that be sure to grab my free report 5 Tips for Fast Fat Loss. Too many times guys workout their abs at the end of their workout when they are fatigued. This makes it hard to focus on the abs and make progress.

Therefore we will be working out our abs at the start of the workout. Guys who are wanting to obtain that Neighbors physique will workout there abs four times a week, while two times a week will suffice for those of you using The Lucky One workout. Watch the video below to see exactly what the Zac Efron abs workout is!

Zac Efron Workout FAQ

What kinds of foods should I eat for this workout?

I recommend eating the following high quality foods most of the time: Carbs: Sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and brown rice Fats: Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, natural peanut butter, nuts Proteins: Protein powder (if necessary), fish, and any lean meat

What supplements (if any) should I take for this workout?

I have written an article on this topic as well: How Beneficial Are Supplements? So I would just use the ones that I recommend in that post.

What about cardio?

Cardio is a very important tool for getting lean. Since the Neighbors physique focuses more on being lean and defined, cardio is much more important to obtaining that look.

As for what kind of cardio that you should do I advise doing high intensity interval training for ten to fifteen minutes followed by ten to fifteen minutes of slow steady state cardio. Doing cardio up to three times a week should suffice, and you can do cardio for The Lucky One workout if you so desire.

What if I want the Neighbors physique, but I do not have enough muscle?

In this case you want to focus on a diet that will put you in a surplus instead of a deficit. So use the nutrition tips I recommend for The Lucky One body, but sill be sure to use the Neighbors weight lifting workout. 

Why does the Neighbors workout focus on the shoulders and biceps?

In the movie Neighbors, Zac Efron had incredible definition and a good bit of size in his shoulders and biceps specifically. Efron’s chest and back muscles were not as impressive and that was designed to help him look more like a young college kid.

Thus emphasizing the shoulders and biceps while deemphasizing the chest and back will really help to build a body similar to Efron’s in the movie.

How can I gain access to The Lucky One Workout?

The Zac Efron The Lucky One Workout is an exclusive bonus that you can get by clicking on the button below.

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I would love to hear any thought that you have about this workout, and what you think about Zac Efron’s physique. So be sure to share this article, and leave a comment down below about the Zac Efron workout!

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