Why Do You Workout?

When people take action and do something, there’s always a reason why they’re doing it.why do you workout

Take working out for example.

When people start a new exercise program, there’s a reason why they wanted to start being active.

Everyone can have his or her own motive for wanting to get into shape, but what’s the real object behind working out and getting a better-looking body?

If you go to the gym with the right intentions in mind, then you’ll be able to sustain a lifetime of fitness.

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Why Most People Start Working Out

I’m going to go ahead and be completely honest here. The main purpose people have for working out is ultimately to look more attractive.

We’ve all heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, and I believe that this is the way that things should be. However like it or not, people are going to judge you based on the way that you look.

Why is this the case? To me, this judgment has a lot to do with the way humans gain first impressions of others. Think about it, when you meet a person for the first time, his or her appearance is really the only way you can quickly gather information about the person without a word being spoken.

The individual’s look will determine how friendly or trustworthy he or she appears to you. It’s no wonder that everyone wants to get a sexier, healthier-looking body.

Another cause for people starting a new exercise program would be to improve their health. This motive definitely isn’t as popular as wanting to appear more attractive, but it still exists.

Too many times people will start working out for health reasons when their doctor tells them that they have too. Neither of these workout objectives are bad (especially the health one), but will these motives be strong enough to keep you working out and staying active for the rest of your life?

Why I Workout

All right it’s story time. Back when I was in high school, I was very interested in becoming the best basketball player that I could possibly be.

Naturally, this led me to learning all that I could about weightlifting in order to get stronger, jump higher, and run faster for my sport. Along the way, I stumbled upon some information about fitness and how to train for a better-looking body.

I then slowly began to fall in love with the fitness industry and getting into better shape. However, basketball was still my main focus.

So originally my intentions for working out were to enhance my performance on the court. Now that I have graduated high school and I’m no longer playing organized basketball, my aims for working out are different than they used to be.

Today I workout because I love it, and fitness is something that I’m very passionate about. I thoroughly enjoy the gym atmosphere, and I want to continue being active for as long as possible.

Now is this the only drive I have for working out? Of course it’s not.

I do like working out for the enriched social aspects, and for anther reason that I’ll be mentioning shortly. All in all, if fitness was taken away from me, I would be quite devastated because it’s such an integral part of my life and who I am.   

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The Real Reason Why You Should Workout

So maybe you’re not extremely fanatical about health and fitness like I am. If this is the case for you, then you’re going to need to find a different push for wanting to exercise and being fit.

This could be a number of different things, but there’s one reason that stands above the rest to me. That reason is working out for your own self worth and improvement.

When you start your fitness journey, you’re taking on a big challenge. A challenge that many people won’t complete or see through until the end.

If you do stick with it, and overcome these obstacles, you’ll get more than just your dream body. You’ll also gain an unshakeable confidence that you can truly achieve anything that you set your mind to.

Think back to any time in your life when you accomplished something major. When you visualize that moment, do you feel better about the actual accomplishment or the process you went through to reach that award or honor?

One example I have from my life was when I scored 28 points in my basketball season opener my senior year. No doubt it felt great to score 28 points, but what I remember the most is all of the hard work I put into practice before the season started.

It felt marvelous to see all of my hard work finally pay off. If someone just handed those points to me without having to work for it, it wouldn’t have felt the same.

It’s the same way for losing weight/building muscle, or any area of your life for that matter. You have to work at it every day until you get what you desire.

You’ll become a better, fortified person when you set out on this excursion and truly finish it.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there’s really no wrong answer for why you choose to workout. It’s just a matter of opinion.

However, I do feel the strongest reason that you should have for starting a workout program is ultimately to improve yourself as a person. The stronger the reason why you want to complete something, the greater the chance is of you actually sticking with it and attaining that goal.

This is why it’s very important to have a solid purpose for wanting to get fit.

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In the end, do it for your own self worth and improvement. Don’t do it if you think that once you get a six-pack you’ll finally be happy because you won’t be.

So why do you workout?

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