Want a Bigger Chest? These 3 Exercises Are All That You Need

Do you want to build a bigger chest?what are the best chest exercises

Of course you do!

Seriously who wouldn’t like to build a bigger, more masculine-looking chest?


Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of information out there on how you can build massive pecs.

A good chunk of it is bad.

You see I don’t want you to simply build a bigger chest…

I want you to build an aesthetic chest that looks great from top to bottom.

Are you not sure how to achieve such a look?

Well no big deal because today I’ll be giving you 3 of the best exercises for building a great chest.

You’re Training Your Chest with the Wrong Exercises

Let me guess, as soon as Monday rolls around the first thing you do is go to the gym and hop on the flat barbell bench press? What if I told you that was a bad idea?

And no the bad idea isn’t that you’re training chest on a Monday. It’s the fact that your main focus is on the flat barbell bench press.

Most guys are obsessed with this exercise. It’s cool for the bros to see who can bench more.

I get it, but this exercise is holding you back from looking as good as you possibly can. Why?

This is simply because the flat bench press places most of the tension on the middle and lower portions of the chest. Over time this will create a flat, droopy man boob look that I’m assuming you want to avoid.

It’s easy to spot too. You’ll see a guy who’s lean, but something still doesn’t look quite right.

And the problem lies within the way that he trains his chest.


I’m not saying that the flat barbell/dumbbell press is a completely terrible exercise that you should never do. I’m not recommending that at all actually.

Instead what I’m saying is that the flat bench should be used more as a supplemental exercise to something else that I’m going to be mentioning later on. So no, the flat bench press didn’t make the list for the top 3, but it’s a solid honorable mention.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the top 3.

Number 3: Push-Ups

pushups for a bigger chest

Wait what? You mean to tell me that something as simple as push-ups can help bring up a lagging chest? Yes that’s exactly what I’m telling you.

Here’s the deal:

If you’ve been training your chest for a while now with no results to show for it, then you need to try something different. And that something is 100 push-ups every night before you go to bed.

I did this back when I was in high school and now chest is one of my best body parts. I know that this has worked for others as well.

But here’s the kicker:

Just because 100 push-ups every night worked for me or someone else doesn’t guarantee that it’ll work for you. This is antidotal evidence (i.e. it worked for me) and not actual scientific evidence.

My question to you is what have you got to lose by trying this out? Nothing.

And until you try this out and experience it for yourself, you’ll never truly know if it can work for you. So seriously do 100 push-ups every night before bed for 1 month straight.

After that, take a week off from training your chest and see what happens. If it works for you then great!

If not, then you at least learned from your own experience that it didn’t work for you. That’s far better than never trying it out because you heard some guru say it doesn’t ever work.

Number 2: Dips

dips for a bigger chest

The classic dip is a great exercise to build not only the chest but the triceps as well. There are 5 things that I really like about this exercise:

You can load up and use some pretty heavy weights.

You can place more tension on the chest or triceps based on your position.

It can help build a wider chest.

It’s safer on the shoulders than other chest exercises.

It can be modified based on your fitness level (i.e. the bench dip).

Seriously, these are 5 benefits that you just don’t get with most chest exercises. Can you use a really heavy weight with the cable crossover? Didn’t think so. And have you ever felt pain while doing an exercise such as the dumbbell fly? If so, then the dip would be a much safer option.


When it comes to training with dips, I typically wouldn’t go any higher than 10 reps per set if I was training with additional weight.

If you can’t do weighted dips yet, don’t worry, just use your own bodyweight, or even the bench dip if the upright version is too hard.

Finally a key point to remember is that you want to lean forward to target the chest more. Being in an upright position when you do the exercise will hit the triceps harder than the chest.

Number 1: Incline DB/Barbell Press

bench press for a bigger chest(1)

The number 1 chest exercise should come as no surprise if you’ve been following me for any length of time. I love this exercise; it’s obviously on my Top 10 List.

It can make the difference between a great-looking, aesthetic physique and a sloppy one. Getting stronger in this exercise should be your main focus when trying to build an awesome chest.

What makes this exercise so great? It’s the fact that the incline press places most of the tension on the upper chest.

Over time, this will help to build an even thickness throughout the chest, making it look nice and balanced. The flat bench is a great supplemental exercise to the incline variation like I alluded to earlier.

I recommend using the flat variation whenever you plateau on the incline variation. Do the flat bench for a week or 2 and then switch back to the incline version.

Another good rule of thumb is to do the incline press roughly 85-90% of the time in comparison to the flat version. This will help to ensure that the middle and lower portion of the chest don’t get overdeveloped.

Final Thoughts

Building an amazing chest can be a tough feat no doubt. With these 3 exercises in your arsenal though, you now have the tools you need to be able to reach your end destination.

As with all good things, it will take some time, but you’ll get there with patience and persistence. So go out there and build the body of your dreams!

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    Hey, Thomas!

    I don’t like that sag in your push-ups! What rep were you on? Maybe your core strength was flagging by then 🙁

    I’ve read that squats, which put the victim in heavy oxygen debt, AND DB pull-overs, can actually increase rib cage size. Any truth to that? If it is true, it seems to me the younger you start on such a project, the more success you might have; because you’re still growing.

    It stands to reason, though, no matter how much muscle you pack on a small rib cage, you’ve still got a small chest.

    Thanks, and best wishes,

    BRUCE T.

    • tarohmer

      I’m not sure what rep I was on, but you’re right my form could be better. And there is a lot of controversy surrounding the ribcage expansion subject. I don’t believe in it, but the pull-over is a great exercise regardless that helps to develop the serratus, lats, and pecs. I say try it out for yourself and see how it works, it can’t hurt.