Top Three Shoulder Training Mistakes

Shoulders are one of the most important muscle groups. They are a big contributor to the v-taper look that many guys are after, and they help to give your physique a dominating look. Unfortunately there are some mistakes that many people are making when trying to get the biggest and broadest shoulders possible.

Shoulder training mistakes

Shoulder Training Mistake #1 Not Enough Focus on the Lateral or Rear Delts

Many people’s shoulder workouts consist of exercises like military presses and front raises. This is fine and both are great exercises, but often times the lateral part of the deltoid gets overlooked. Be sure to incorporate side lateral raises into your shoulder workout. Doing exercises for your side delts will help to broaden out your shoulders and help create a more powerful looking v-taper.

It is also very important to work on the rear delts as well. Not working on your rear delts will likely lead to a muscle imbalance between your front and rear delts. This will make your more susceptible to a shoulder injury, which you want to avoid at all costs. An imbalance will also start to hinder your posture and cause your shoulders to hunch forward.

 Shoulder Training Mistake #2 Not Using Proper Form

I’m sure that you’ve heard about using proper form a thousand times, but using proper form especially needs to be emphasized when training shoulders. A shoulder injury can keep you away from the gym for quite some time. Your shoulders are used in a variety of exercises and lifts. Even when you are working out your chest with push-ups or bench press your shoulders will be used to help with the lift. In fact most pushing exercises will incorporate the shoulders to some degree so be sure that you know the proper form of any shoulder lift before your perform it.

One common mistake I see is with the high pull exercise. People will often use a straight bar and keep their hands really close together on the bar. Doing high pulls in this restrictive fashion can definitely cause trouble if you do this exercise too much. For this reason I prefer to use dumbbells when doing high pulls. This allows for more freedom of movement in the joints making it a safe and effective exercise.

Shoulder Training Mistake #3 Not Training Shoulders Hard Enough

I understand that training shoulders isn’t as sexy as working out your biceps, but you still need to focus on them just as much. You should come into the gym with the same excitement to train shoulders as you would for any other muscle group. Don’t go through the motions, and train with a high intensity to make the shoulders grow. Another thing I would advise is to start training your shoulders more than once a week. By providing your shoulders with more volume, you will create extra stimulation in order to help spur on some more growth. Shoulders will help to separate your body from everyone else so don’t underestimate them. Incorporate these three tips starting today and you will notice a difference in your shoulders.


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