Bicep mistakes

Top 3 Bicep Blunders

It seems as if every guy in the gym is on a special quest to get bigger biceps, but there are some bicep mistakes that are being made in the gym that can slow down the process of the biceps. Avoid making these three bicep training blunders and you will be sure to make better progress in your journey to bigger biceps.

Bicep mistakes

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Bicep Blunder #1 Doing Alternating Dumbbell Curls.

I think that alternating dumbbell curls are a great exercise. They allow you to focus on one arm at a time, and this exercise also allows you to handle a heavier weight.

The problem comes in when people do one rep for one bicep followed by one rep on the other bicep. Time under tension is the way that muscles grow and by doing alternating dumbbell curls in this fashion you completely take the tension off of one bicep while the other one is working.

There is no consistent time under tension doing the exercise this way. In order to solve this problem, do all of the desired reps for one arm followed by the other arm.

For example, if you were going to do a set of ten reps, you would perform ten reps on your left bicep followed by ten reps on your right bicep.

Bicep Blunder #2 Not Working on the Outer (Long) Head of the Bicep Enough

Many guys will go to the gym for a bicep workout and do exercises like barbell curls, concentration curls, and preacher curls. These exercises are great for working the inner (short) head and peak of the biceps.

However, this workout is completely neglecting the outer head of the biceps, which is the muscle that people will see when you are walking around with your arms by your side. In order to combat this problem, add in exercises that work the outer head such as hammer and reverse curls.

It is also a good idea to do an equal amount of sets for the inner and outer heads especially if you have been disregarding the outer head.

Bicep Blunder #3 Too much weight causing improper form

When it comes to exercises like bench press and barbell curls, just about everyone feels the need to stack on as much weight as possible. Doing barbell curls with too much weight can be very detrimental to your results.

If you are doing cheat curls, then that is fine cheat away, but if you are not then it is imperative to use proper form. We all know that improper form can lead to injury, but it can also cause emphasis to shift to a different muscle.

When the weight is too heavy and your start to move your elbows forward, this will start to place more tension on the anterior head of the shoulder instead of the bicep. Just be sure to use a weight that you are comfortable with yet find challenging and you will easily avoid this bicep blunder.

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