JoJo Fletcher Workout: How You Can Get a Body Like the Bachelorette

ABC’s Bachelor and Bachelorette are, without a doubt, two of their more popular shows.

And while I’d love to admit that my girlfriend ties me to a chair and forces me to watch the show that simply isn’t true.

I actually enjoy it and find the drama quite entertaining.

But you’re not here to learn about what T.V. shows I like, you came here for JoJo.

Specifically, how you can get a body like hers.

And while I don’t know exactly what she does for exercise or diet (aside from lots of wine), I’ve got a pretty good hunch.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you how you can obtain a physique like, as in similar to, as in pretty close but not precisely the same as hers.

Let’s get started.

Free Download: JoJo Fletcher Workout Routine—Discover how you can get a body like one of ABC’s hottest stars.

JoJo’s Physique (Whoa)

To be the Bachelorette, you have to be attractive and have a good body—that’s pretty obvious.

JoJo is no exception to this.

She has what most people would consider to be an ideal physique for a woman—lean and fit without overdoing it.

She doesn’t have super shredded abs, crazy capped shoulders, or ripped backed muscles.

Her body is tone and proportional.

This is the kind of look you want to strive for.

You don’t want a manly looking body as if you’re about to step on stage and try to win a bodybuilding competition.

A Diet Fit for a Bachelorette

jojo fletcher diet

To get a body like JoJo’s, you’re without a doubt going to need to focus on nutrition.

It’ll be the main key in helping you drop body fat. What kinds of things should you do though?

Well here are some ideas:

If you’ve seen the show, then you know how hard it would be to “follow all of the diet rules.”

There’s alcohol at every party and date, and you’re eating fancy dinners at extravagant places.

Do you think JoJo goes to the producers and says, “Make sure none of my dinners contain any carbs?”

Please give me a break.

Could you imagine going to an exotic island and not be able to eat any of the amazing food?

Neither could I and that’s my point.

JoJo has talked about her diet, and she isn’t too fond of “doing things by the book.”

abc the bachelorette (1)

Anything cheesy? Does that include jokes?

Kidding aside, don’t follow any of “the rules” because they make life less fun.

But if you insist on having one rule—the golden rule—for weight loss it would be this:

Burn off more calories than you consume and do so in a way that’s sustainable and enjoyable for you.

This is the only way you’ll lose weight and keep it off for good. If you’re not sure what a caloric deficit is and why I’m always blabbing about it, then you need to read this article.

6 Tips to Get a Body Like JoJo

Tip #1: Be Patient

It’s easy to look at a girl like JoJo and think to yourself, “Wow I want to get in shape and look like her ASAP!”

This is a bad way to go about it though.

You wanna know why?

Let me tell you exactly what’s going to happen in 7 easy steps:

  1. You see JoJo.
  2. You think to yourself, “I want to look like her.”
  3. You start going to the gym 5 days a week.
  4. You eat nothing but healthy foods 5-6 times a day.
  5. You do well the first few days thanks to your high motivation.
  6. You quit soon after because it was too hard.
  7. You binge eat, feel guilty, and then repeat the process when you see JoJo in the next episode.

If you want to create a stunning physique of your own then you need to calm down.

Don’t suddenly jump into working out 5 days a week if you haven’t worked out once in the past 6 months.

Instead, start as slow as you have to and work your way up.

I don’t care if that means doing 2 push-ups on your knees to get started—that’s still more than what you were doing.

Fitness isn’t a sprint that you try to finish as soon as possible.

Fitness is something you do for life.

Make sure you’re willing to make that kind of a commitment if you truly want to get and stay in killer shape.

Tip #2: Take Action (Duh)

Yes, I get it.

You know you have to do something to get fit, be healthy, and have more energy.

Yet you haven’t started your journey.

Why is that? Well it could be for any number of reasons, one being that you may have a fixed mindset.

When it comes to learning or doing new things, you can either have a fixed or growth mindset.

For example, if I want to type faster (which I actually do) this is what I could tell myself:

Fixed Mindset: I’ve always been a slow typist and will always stay slow.

Growth Mindset: I know I wasn’t born a fast typist.

I haven’t put in the effort necessary to improve my skills.

I can start practicing daily and become a fast typist.

Science shows the power of having a growth mindset.

And it makes sense.

If you don’t think you can look hot, why would you even bother trying?

If JoJo didn’t think she would make the cut to be on the Bachelor, she just wouldn’t have applied.

But instead she took the necessary action and now she’s the Bachelorette.

Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid—Lift Weights

Many women think that touching looking at a weight will make them look like Chad.

Fortunately that’s far from true—resistance training is just as important for women as it is for men.

Here’s the reality:

If you want to look like JoJo, then you must lift weights.

Cardio and diet can certainly get you lean, but they won’t give you the firm look you’re after.

Lifting weights is the only way to do that.

I know you’ve seen the bodybuilder women who are too ripped and muscular, but understand that this only happens when you take things to the extreme.

You’d have to take drugs, lift 5-6 times a week, eat in a caloric surplus, and do that for years to get a look like that.

Simply lifting 3-4 times per week, as a natural female, won’t do anything except give you the refined look you desire.

Consider this:

The next time you go to the gym, take a look around.

Where do you notice most of the females working out?

It should come as no surprise; most of them are either on the elliptical, treadmill or some other cardio machine.

Now, look around again and where do you see the fittest women?

They’re in the weight room.

They know lifting weights won’t make them bulky, and they’re not afraid to lift.

I advise you to do the same.

Tip #4: Get Lean

Yes, lifting weights is a requirement for getting a stunning body like JoJo’s.

However, that alone won’t be enough.

You can workout until the cows come home (assuming you workout on a farm) and still not have the look you want simply because you’re not lean.

In fact, having too much body fat is the real reason why a woman would look bulky.

So how should you go about getting lean?

Well you should incorporate both diet and exercise, but your main focus should be on diet. Why?

Because you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

Imagine this:

Person A: Eats a slice of cake and then runs on the treadmill for 30 minutes to burn it off.

Person B: Doesn’t eat the slice of cake in the first place and does no extra exercise.

Who’s better off? It’s Person B.

Not because she’s consuming less overall calories, but it’s because her strategy is sustainable.

Eventually Person A will get tired of having to run for 30 minutes every time she wants to eat cake for example.

Then what will happen? Is she just going to give up the cake?

Nope—she’s going to stop running.

Weight gain is more likely to occur afterwards.


This isn’t to say you can never eat amazing foods such as cake.

Contrary to what others tell you, yes you can lose weight by eating your dessert.

The key is to do so in moderation. This way you can have your cake and eat it too.

Tip #5: Focus on Compound Movements

There’s nothing worse than busting your butt in the gym for no results.

One surefire way to make this happen is by focusing on isolation exercises instead of compound exercises.

Here’s the difference:

Isolation exercise: One primary muscle worked and occurs at one joint


  • Dumbbell Curl
  • Tricep Pushdown
  • Leg Extension
  • Hamstring Curl
  • Lateral Raise
  • Cable Crossover

Compound exercises: Multiple muscles worked and occur at multiple joints


  • Bench Press
  • Squat
  • Deadlift
  • Military Press
  • Chin-Up/Pull-Up
  • Lunge

The benefits of compound movements are clear—working multiple muscle groups at the same time means three things:

  • You’ll save time
  • You’ll burn more calories
  • You’ll gain strength easier

Burning more calories in less time is obviously what you want for fat loss.

And gaining strength is what you want to firm up your muscles.

That’s why the majority of the exercises in this workout will be compound movements.

Of course this isn’t to say you should completely forget about isolation exercises.

They’re important for giving muscles groups, like the shoulders and arms, complete development.

For example, the military press will primarily work on the front delt but it won’t do much to develop the side or rear part of the shoulder.

That’s why exercises like side lateral raises, and reverse flys are important to do.

Tip #6: Ditch the Post Workout Shake

This tip may come as a surprise to you.

Thanks to supplement companies, you might think a post workout shake is necessary for you to reach your goals. It’s not.

In fact, the post workout shake is actually hurting your chances of success.

Consider this:

If your goal is fat loss, then how does consuming more calories (by means of a shake) help you lose more weight? It doesn’t.

HGH (an important fat burning and muscle preserving hormone) is elevated through exercise.

Calories consumed after exercise will spike insulin and thus blunt HGH.

Your best bet is to forget about post workout protein and instead eat when you normally would.

Don’t be the girl who ruins all of her hard work in the gym instantly because she consumed a Gatorade to replenish glycogen stores.

It’s not as important as you think, you’ve just been brainwashed into thinking it’s a requirement.

I’m here to tell you that for fat loss purposes, you’re better off without it.

Should I Even Do Cardio?

how to lift more weight

Up until this point I’ve mostly talked about lifting weights and nutrition.

You might think that I’m anti-cardio, but I’m certainly not.

I’m actually a big fan of cardio…when it’s done the right way and in combination with diet and weight training.

Sadly though, most girls only focus on cardio and their results are subpar because of it.

First of all, cardio should be seen as a tool for helping you burn fat, not the end all be all.

You have other tools (such as diet and weight training) that work together with cardio to get the job done.

Secondly, if you do cardio you really should be doing high intensity interval training (HIIT).

There are two main reasons why:

  • Scientifically superior to other forms of cardio
  • Burns more calories in less time
  • The last point is the one you care about. The whole point of cardio is to burn extra calories. This way you’ll have a little bit more leeway in your diet or you’ll reach your goal faster. Either way it’s a win for you.


How do you perform HIIT?

Well all you need to do is pick a cardio machine (treadmill, bike, elliptical, etc., but clearly never Jacob’s ladder) and then alternate between a high intensity and a low intensity.

Here’s an example on a treadmill:

  • Run at 7.5 mph for 1 minute
  • Walk at 3.5 mph for 1 minute
  • Repeat this cycle for 15 minutes.


What should you do if 7.5 mph is too fast or one minute is too long of a time to run for?

The answer is simple—adjust it.

That’s one of my favorite things about HIIT, you can adjust it to suit your current fitness level.

For example, if 7.5 mph is too fast, then start out with 6 mph and work your way up.

You could also start out by only going hard for 30 seconds and walking for 1.5 minutes as well.

As with lifting weights, cardio simply comes down to actually doing it and making progress over time.

The JoJo Fletcher Bachelorette Workout

Ok I’ve got good news and bad news, and let’s just assume you want to get the bad stuff out of the way:

Bad news: I won’t be posting the full workout here in this article.

Good news: You can still instantly download the workout for free by clicking this link.

The workout itself contains two different workout programs.

One workout is 3 days per week and the other is 4 days per week.

This way either one will be able to fit your needs depending on how often you want to lift. Make no mistake, both will be able to get you results.

If you’re a beginner, I recommend you start with the 3-day workout and move to the 4-day workout once it’s completed.

I’ll also show you the best way to incorporate cardio in with your weight workouts.


Will this workout make me the next Bachelorette?

I don’t want to crush your hopes and dreams here so I’ll just say it’s a step in the right direction.

Will this workout have 25 hot guys swoon over me?

…It’s a step in the right direction.

Will this workout make me rich and famous?

(Face palm)

Will this workout give my hair more volume like JoJo’s?


What can I do to give my hair more volume then?

I want to ask Jordan the same thing.

What will this workout do for me?

Better health, more energy, a lean and firm body, and best of all- confidence.

Final Thoughts

Free Download: JoJo Fletcher Workout Routine—Discover how you can get a body like one of ABC’s hottest stars.

Getting a body like JoJo’s doesn’t happen overnight.

You must be committed and persistent.

If you are, you will see success at the end of your journey.

Now I’d like to hear your thoughts.

What do you think of this of the Bachelorette so far?

Who do you think she’ll choose?

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