Is Simpler Better for Achieving Your Fitness Goals?

Does setting complicated fitness goals mean that you are more likely to achieve better results, or is it more important to set simpler goals that will be easier for you to accomplish?

It is good to not over complicate things because you will be more likely to stick with your current workout routine and nutrition plan.

Doing additional unnecessary steps to achieve your goals will just leave you frustrated and disappointed.

Why You Should Keep It Simple

The acronym KISS (keep it simple stupid) applies to many things in the world and fitness is no exception. Let’s pretend like you have a goal of losing fifty pounds in six months.

That goal is very simple, but the way you go about trying to achieve it may become complicated. You could keep things simple and just increase exercise and reduce calories until you create a satisfying weekly caloric deficit, or you can over complicate things and try to do it all.

You start eating six meals a day when you used to eat only three, and you try doing an hour of cardio every day with your five day workout routine split. If you have never exercised before this plan will become very disastrous in a hurry.

It is better to start off slow and gain momentum while achieving results than to bite off more than you can chew and quit altogether. A workout or nutrition plan is only good if you are able to stick with it for the long term.

An example would be eating six meals a day in order to “boost your metabolism”, and then giving up on eating that many times a day simply because you can not sustain it. It would be much smarter to instead eat three meals a day because that is what works best for you.

What if You Want to Achieve a More Complex Goal?

If you are someone who wants to achieve a more intricate goal, then you need to work your way up to achieving that standard. For example let’s say that someone wants to get first place in a fitness model competition, but he/she is totally out of shape in every way and he/she has never been physically active.

A good idea for this type of individual would be to start off simple and gradually improve his/her diet and increase the amount of exercise that he/she does. Doing this will allow the person to stay consistent over time and achieve great results after a year or two.

After this time frame, it will now be much easier for the individual to start being more dedicated to winning a competition because he/she has built momentum and a strong foundation.

simple fitnes goals

Final Thoughts on Keeping It Simple to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Keeping it simple will go a long way for you and achieving whatever fitness goals you may have. It will allow you to stay consistent and gain an unshakeable confidence within yourself that you can truly achieve anything.

Doing more than what is necessary will cause you to burnout and make it less likely for you to try again in the future. At the end of the day, obtaining your dream body is just about taking action and keeping it simple.

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