How to Bring up a Lagging Body Part

Lagging body parts can be frustrating and difficult to bring up if you don’t know how too. It takes a very strategic approach in order to provide enough stimulation for growth, but not too much volume that could potentially lead to overtraining.

This is an approach that I have personally used to help increase the size of my long arms, and a very similar approach can be taken for other body parts as well.

I must first warn you that this will require a lot of dedication and it isn’t the easiest thing that you will ever do. However, the end results are well worth it.

This strategy is also meant more for intermediate to advanced lifters. This will be too much volume for beginners, and most beginners simply need to focus on adding mass to all of their body parts anyhow.

Lagging Body Part

Increase Overall Volume for Lagging Body Parts

The easiest way to bring up any lagging body part is to simply increase the overall volume on that specific body part. For example if you want to bring up your chest, then work it out everyday or at least six days of the week.

This may seem absurd and lead to definite overtraining, but it won’t if the volume done everyday is low enough. I believe that overtraining doesn’t occur as often as many people believe it does.

I feel that the real issue is just under conditioning and not being in good enough shape to handle the workload.

Exercises and Reps for Individual Lagging Body Parts

The best way to go about this is to pick one exercise for that body part (i.e. pushups) and then do a total of 100 reps for the day. Also you don’t have to do all of the reps in one sitting either.

For example you could do 20 pushups every hour until you reach 100 for the day. Below are some examples of exercises that you can use to help add mass to your struggling body part.

Lagging Body Part Exercises

Back– Chin-ups (and all variations)

Chest– Push-ups (and all variations)

Biceps– Dumbbell or band curls

Triceps– Pushdowns or extensions

Shoulders– Side lateral raises

I really like these exercises because they are either bodyweight or isolation movements. This means that the exercises won’t be too taxing on the central nervous system and they should allow for proper recovery.

Also for arms you can do 50 reps of biceps and 50 reps of triceps per day if need more overall arm development. If you just need more bicep or triceps growth simply do 100 reps for that particular body part.

 Can I work on more than one body part at a time?

The answer to the above question is yes of course! You can work on multiple body parts if you feel that they need more stimulation.

I would not recommend that you do more than two body parts at a time though. A good combination would be pushups and chin-ups.

If doing 100 reps of each of those is too difficult, then feel free to cut back on the volume. An example would be doing 100 pushups and 50 chin-ups everyday or even 50 push-ups and 50 chin-ups everyday.

I would also not recommend combining chest with triceps and back with biceps. Your biceps and triceps will already be receiving stimulation from the chin-ups/push-ups and extra work is not necessary at that point. A better pairing would be back with triceps or chest with biceps.

What kind of results can I expect from this?

If you are consistent with this and do your 100 reps everyday or at least six days per week, then you can expect to see noticeable results after about a month. It is very possible to gain anywhere from half an inch up to a full inch or even more on the specified muscle.

This is pretty amazing considering that we are talking about stubborn body parts here! Also the reason why this works so well is because the daily stimulation will help to shuttle extra blood and nutrients into the muscle.

This additional blood and nutrients will then be used to help repair and grow the muscle helping your lagging body part catch up with your other muscles.

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