Doing What’s Ideal vs Sustainable

Many people want to get into their best shape possible. These intentions are great, but sometimes people bombard themselves with too much information and try to take on too much too soon.

These usually tend to be the same people that attempt to optimize everything and do what is ideal when it is not practical at all for them to do so. An example of this would be a person who tries to do early morning cardio on an empty stomach even though it is nearly impossible to fit it into his schedule.

This morning cardio will not last long even though his intentions are good. Instead it would be much more sustainable to do it sometime later on in the day when he has more time.

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 The Fitness Definition of Ideal

What is ideal in fitness is about achieving the best results possible with no regard to your lifestyle. It does not matter if you have kids or a full time job; you are still expected to carry out on every little thing such as counting calories or eating your meals at the exact right time of the day.

Doing what is ideal is great for bodybuilders seeking to win competitions. Their entire life is only centered on building their body, so it is far easier for them to do what is optimal.

This kind of person has the lifestyle that allows them to workout for three hours a day, do cardio, and even take naps. Most people however are not able to center their entire lives on only building a better body.

This is why it is better for the average person to take a more practical and long-term sustainable approach to getting into shape.

 The Fitness Definition of Sustainable

What is sustainable in fitness is about doing what fits into your current schedule and is convenient for you to do. It is not about centering your entire life on doing something that you do not necessarily want to be doing all of the time.

If early morning cardio is not appropriate and realistic for you to do, then you will not do it. This is because it is not likely that you will continue on with this habit for a long period of time.

You need to do things that fit synergistically with your current lifestyle. If you have to give up doing all of your favorite things in order to get into shape, then it is obvious that working out will not last a long time for you.

It is imperative to find a way to incorporate fitness into your life and make it part of your life not the whole thing.

 In Conclusion

Getting into the best shape of your life will only happen if you can sustain certain healthy habits for the rest of your life. That is why is it so important to make working out and nutrition fun so that it is easy to maintain your new habits and reinforce them.

When you try to do everything at once, it is hard to keep up, and as soon as you slip up once you feel like quitting completely never to try again. I recommend stating small with the changes, and then building those small changes into bigger lifelong habits.

Doing this will help you to sustain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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