How to Build an Awesome Body that Commands Attention

Building an aesthetic physique that commands attention isn’t an easy task by any to build an awesome body

Its takes years of dedicated lifting to achieve a truly stunning body.

There are many different ways to workout, but what style of training is best for maximizing aesthetics and proportion?

Also what are the best exercises for building a head turning physique?

In this post, I’m going to share with you exactly how to structure your workouts, and you’ll learn 4 essential exercises that you must do if you want your physique to reach its full potential.

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What is the Ideal Physique?

I want you to take a second to close your eyes, and imagine what your ideal body would look like. Most likely you envisioned yourself as being lean and muscular with outstanding definition all over.

I’m willing to bet that you didn’t image yourself looking overweight or like a big bulky bodybuilder. When I envision my perfect body, I think of broad shoulders leading down to a narrow waist.

I also think of a nice broad back, masculine square pecs, and proportionate arms and legs. Finally, I image myself at the sweet spot for body fat, which will help to give all of my muscles awesome definition.

Believe it or not, it’s actually not that hard to obtain the figure that I just described above. When you combine the right training routines, exercises, and nutrition together, achieving an amazing body becomes a walk in the park. It’s really just a matter of knowing what to do, and then executing on your newfound knowledge.


Workout Structure for Building an Awesome Body

There’re so many different workout splits and routines in existence today, which makes it easy to get lost and confused. There’s no one perfect way to set up a workout schedule.

Different people will do better training in altered ways. Just because you workout 5 days a week to achieve results, doesn’t mean that another person needs to workout that much in order to see improvements.

The same goes for how you decide to group your muscles. One person might do better training back and biceps together, while another is more comfortable training back and triceps together.

However, with that being said, there’re some things that you can do that will really help maximize your progress in the gym. The first thing that I recommend doing, is to stop setting aside an entire day of training for legs.

Is it really necessary to do the back squat, leg curl, leg extension, leg press, and hack squat all in one workout? You could honestly achieve great results from doing one exercise, such as the Bulgarian split squat, 1-2 times per week.

This decreased volume on your legs will then allow you to focus more on your upper body, which is way more important for building an awesome body. The next strategy that you should implement is to not work on all of your muscle groups equally.

Generic workout splits will have you working out all of your muscle groups to obliteration once per week. This is a silly thing to do because certain muscle groups need more attention than others.

Your shoulders for example, are a much more aesthetically appealing muscle group than your legs are. Therefore, your shoulders need to be worked on more than your legs. Also, if you have a lagging body part, it only makes sense to train it more so it can catch up with the rest of your body.


Best Exercises for Building an Awesome Body

There’s no doubt about it, some exercises are just better for building an aesthetic body than others. In fact, some exercises can actually make your body look worse! That’s why it’s so critical to choose the right exercises in your workout routine. Below is a list of 4 exercises that you should be doing in your workout routine, if you currently aren’t.


Incline Barbell/Dumbbell Press:

Most people do flat bench presses. Over time, this will create a flat, droopy man boob look that you want to avoid.

Instead of flat bench press, replace it with the incline press. This exercise will place more tension on the upper chest, which will help to create masculine square pecs.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you should never do another flat bench press again. Just focus on doing incline presses 80% of the time and you’ll look great.


Side Lateral Raise:

Shoulders are a muscle group that gets neglected far too often. The shoulders are one of the most important muscle groups, and they need to be treated equally to their significance.

Side lateral raises are a great exercise to workout the shoulders with. This is an isolation exercise for the side deltoids, which will really help to broaden out the shoulders. The side lateral raise is also great for building up that capped shoulder look, so definitely do this exercise often!


Chin-ups and Pull-ups:

aestheic physique This is one of the best back exercises of all time. It’s a superior movement compared to the lat pull-down because the pull-up is a closed chained exercise. This means that you are moving your body through space instead of just pulling a bar towards you.

If you get very strong with weighted pull-ups, there is no doubt that you will have an impressive back just from this exercise alone. Of course, for total and complete back development, you’ll want to include some horizontal row movements as well, such as cable rows.


Bulgarian Split Squat or Pistol Squat:

Many people will stick with the barbell back squat for leg training. Personally, I feel that the Bulgarian split squat and pistol squat are superior exercises for building an awesome body.

The reason for this is because they are both unilateral exercises (meaning one leg at a time), which means that more tension will be placed on the vastus medialis. The vastus medialis is the tear- drop muscle located right above the knee. Developing this muscle will help to create a balanced and proportionate looking leg.


Closing Thoughts

Building a great looking body takes years to achieve, no matter what kind of training you decide to do. However, the way that you train will largely determine how you look, and how long it takes you to see noticeable results.

Not to worry though, using these tips and exercises mentioned above will definitely have you looking stellar! Finally, if you enjoyed this article, then please be sure to share it, and leave a comment below saying what some of your favorite exercises are.

I would love to hear about it! P.S. click on this link right here to download an exclusive 12-week workout program tailored to build you the awesome body that you’ve always wanted.

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