How to Make Your Abs Pop: 3 Simple Tips

We can both agree that having a 6-pack is cool.

But what’s not cool?

Having a lame looking 6-pack.

You see as humans, we strive to be the best.

That’s how we attract mates and prove our worth to others.

So simply getting any old 6-pack shouldn’t be the end goal.

It should be to have the best looking abs that you possibly can.

And that’s why I’m glad that you’re here because today I’ll be giving you 3 tips on how to make your 6-pack look even better.

Tip #1 Get Leaner

Wait I’m already lean; that’s how I got abs in the first place! Yeah I get that, but you want your abs to look even better so you need to get even leaner.

This is probably the biggest reason why your abs don’t look quite as good as you hoped they would.

Here’s the kicker:

Different guys will get abs at different body fat %’s simply based on how the individual stores body fat. Some people store more of their fat as visceral fat (fat deep within the torso), while others store more as subcutaneous fat (fat stored right beneath the skin).

So if you’re someone who has a tendency to store more subcutaneous fat, then you’re going to be at a lower body fat % before you see your abs. Either way, you need to be leaner than you currently are for those abs to really pop.

So if you’re at 12% take it down to 10% and see how you look. If you’re already at 10% then go down to 8%. It’ll make a big difference.

Tip #2 Get a Tan

This is something that I definitely need to improve on ☺. Haha but seriously getting tan will make your abs stand out a lot more, making them look more defined.

Someone with a higher body fat % can look better than someone who’s leaner simply because they have a nice tan going on. Look at bodybuilders competing in a show and what do you see?

All of them are tan. Like really tan.

And no I’m not saying that you need to take it to the extreme like they do, but having a nice baseline tan will really make your abs stand out more.


What about the whole debate on tanning and it’s relation to skin cancer, etc.? To me, I think that it has been taken to the extreme.

People act like 5 minutes out in the sun without sunscreen will kill them. Yes too much sun without protection is dangerous, but understand that sun rays also provide us with vitamin D.

And research shows that it doesn’t take much to reap those benefits. The same goes for getting a good tan.

It really only takes 10-15 minutes of sunlight exposure (preferably around noon) every other day to get tan. At the end of the day however, do your own research on the pros and cons of tanning and make a decision that best fits you.

Tip #3 Use These 2 Ab Exercises

So let’s say that you’ve gotten leaner and tan, but you’re still not satisfied. What else can you do?

Strategic exercises.

Specifically exercises that will work the abs based off of their 2 main functions: flexion and stabilization.

Here’s the deal:

Many people only target their abs by doing things like sit-ups and crunches. Not only can these exercises be bad for the back, but also they only work on the flexion function of the abs not the stabilization.

To fix this, we need to incorporate a better flexion exercise and use a good stabilization exercise as well. Here are my 2 favorite ab exercises for accomplishing this:

Hanging leg raises (flexion)– very challenging exercise that will work on your grip as well as your abs. A proper regression for this exercise would be hanging knee ups, leg raises on a captain’s chair, or lying leg raises.

Stability ball plank (stabilization)– this is a phenomenal exercise for targeting the deep transverse abdominals and keeping a taut waistline. If you’ve never done a plank on a stability ball, give it a try. You’ll instantly notice a difference. A proper regression for this exercise would be a standard plank, holding a push-up position, or a plank done with the knees on the floor.

Imagine this:

Let’s pretend that right now you can only do 5 reps of leg raises and hold the stability ball plank for 30 seconds. Imagine how much better your abs would look if you could knock out 20 reps of hanging leg raises and hold the stability ball plank for 2 minutes straight?

Yeah game over.

For ab exercises in general, I feel that it’s more important to focus on progression with a few exercises instead of doing a bunch of different exercises all at once.


Getting and maintaining a 6-pack is without a doubt an impressive feat. However, what’s even more special is when you can obtain abs like Greg Plitt.

With some dedicated hard work, there’s no doubt that you’ll reach your end goal. Finally, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

What are your thoughts on tanning? What are some of your favorite ab exercises that you like to do for an awesome 6-pack?

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