7 Killer Tips for Getting a V-Taper Back (That Others Will Notice)

What’s the most dominant part of the male physique?

If you guessed a wide v-taper, then you’d be correct.

If you have a powerful v-taper, others can’t help but to notice you (even with a shirt on).

The problem is actually obtaining that inverted triangle look.

You see many guys think that achieving a v-taper is as simple as working on your back more.

Yes, that is part of the equation, but you’ll soon learn there’s much more to it than that.

Tip #1: Target the Right Muscles

So you think a v-taper is all about the back? Wrong.

Believe it or not the shoulders, upper chest, and waist in addition to the back will all play a factor in determining how your v-taper will look.

Shoulders– big broad shoulders make the waist appear smaller and the back wider.

Upper Chest– contributes slightly to the shoulder measurement and makes the shoulders appear bigger

Waist– a larger waist makes the shoulders appear smaller and the back less wide

These are going to be the 4 main areas that we want to target. And the cool thing is that it doesn’t take much muscle in these areas to really notice a difference in your physique.

But what exercises should you do? Hmm I wonder…

Tip #2 Use the Right Exercises for a V-Taper

I’m assuming that you want to get a v-taper as soon as possible meaning that you have to be very selective with your exercises. You don’t have time to waste with exercises that provide little return for your investment.

Here are by far the best exercises that you can do to develop a v-taper (in order):

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5. Incline Barbell/DB Press– great exercise for building the upper part of the chest. This movement helps to create an even thickness throughout the chest, which will help the shoulders stand out more.

4. Plank– awesome exercise for the transverse abdominals, and it’s a good exercise for keeping a taut waistline. You can do this exercise on a stability ball as a progression. However in the end, diet will play a much bigger role in your waist getting and staying small so focus on that more.

3. Side Lateral Raise– one of my favorite exercises of all time! Phenomenal movement for creating that capped shoulder look. It also helps to broaden out the shoulders by adding mass to the medial head of the deltoid. However, it’s an isolation exercise, which is why it’s ranked below the next exercise…

2. Military Presses– this is the best movement for building up the shoulders. It’ll work on all 3 heads of the shoulder, however most of the emphasis will be on the front delt.

1. Pull-ups (specifically wide-grip)– you probably could’ve guessed this would take the #1 slot. It really is the best exercise for targeting the lats and making them grow. If you can’t do pull-ups, then you can replace this exercise with the lat-pulldown. However, I prefer pull-ups more because it’s a closed chained exercise.


Tip #3 Get Lean

Here’s the deal:

You can be as muscular as possible in back, shoulders, and chest yet still have a terrible v-taper. How is that possible?

Simply because you’re not lean! And when you’re not lean, you can bet that your thick waist is going to take away from your v-taper.

So clearly if you want a wide-looking back, you need to be lean.


Let’s say that you’re carrying around some extra weight and you need to add muscle. Should you lean down or add size first?

I recommend leaning down first and here’s why:

1. Your testosterone levels will be higher.

2. It’s faster to burn fat than it is to build muscle.

3. You’ll actually be able to tell that you building muscle when you’re already lean instead of just getting fatter.

Not only that, but once you do get lean, you’ll be able to focus solely on building muscle without the worry of getting fat again. This’ll help to relieve you from the stress of constantly bulking and cutting.

Tip #4 Don’t Forget About the Rear Delts

When you’re constantly training your back, shoulder, and chest muscles to obtain the perfect physique, it can be easy to forget about things. One of those things that often gets pushed to the side is the rear delt muscle.

It’s actually a very important muscle for posture and as a result to your v-taper as well. Often times when people train shoulders they do exercises like: side lateral raises, front raises, military presses, and upright rows.

All of these exercises are good expect none of them heavily target the rear delt. So start incorporating some reverse flys or bent over flys into your routine.

This’ll help to roll your shoulders back into their natural position, which in turn will make your shoulders and back appear bigger.

Tip #5 Get Stronger

Is there any surprise that the biggest guys in the gym are also the strongest? Conversely the strongest guys are also going to have the broadest backs, which means that you need to get stronger if you want to look good.

Just take Greg from Kinobody for example. He can do weighted chin-ups with 135 pounds for reps!

And as a result his back is no joke.

Greg also has some really awesome strategies for gaining strength fast, and if you want to learn more then click here to visit his site.

All in all I would have to say that getting stronger with weighted pull-ups is your fastest ticket to a wide v-taper back. This isn’t to say that it’s the only back exercise that you should be doing, but it’s certainly the best at adding back width.

Tip #6 Do 50 Pull-Ups Everyday

Now let’s say that you’re struggling to get stronger, but you still want a sneaky way to bring up your back. Well luckily I’ve got just the thing. 🙂

And that is doing 50 pull-ups (mix up the grips as you please) every single day for a month. Yes this high volume training idea is very controversial in the fitness world right now.

There are people who say that it worked for them and people who say that it didn’t. Either way that’s just antidotal evidence (aka it worked for me, not real science) and it’s hard to know if it’ll work for you.

That’s why I suggest trying it out for 30 days and see how it goes because you have nothing to lose. And if you find yourself skipping days then there’s your answer as to why it doesn’t work.

You never gave it a real chance!

So even if you’re skeptical, I advise that you give it a shot (don’t miss any days) and see what happens.

Tip #7 Be Patient

Yeah I know this isn’t something that you want to hear! The reality is that building a good amount of muscle will take some time whether you like it or not.

Even if you follow the other tips, getting a killer v-taper won’t happen overnight. Sure these tips will definitely make it happen faster than usual, but still not lightning fast.

That’s why it’s important for you to be patient and enjoy the journey, and one day you’ll look back in awe at how far you’ve come.

Final Thoughts

A wide v-taper back will impress anybody. Unfortunately many people never achieve this amazing look because their approach is 1-dimensional.

Luckily for you, this doesn’t have to be the case. Implement these tips, and I promise that you’ll be well on your way to an outstanding v-taper back.

Finally be sure to share this post with your friends and comment below to let me know your thoughts!

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    Hey, Thomas,
    When listing the elements for an impressive back, I’ll bet you put Definition first–as in, Definition, Thickness, and Width. Admit it, don’t you?
    A tall guy is never going to get back width out of proportion to his height–no matter what he does–so he might as well “throw the kitchen sink” at back development, particularly back width!
    Kind regards,
    Cleveland, Ohio

    • tarohmer

      Sure some guys will have better genetics to build a better back than others, but no matter what you always have to give it you all and do your best!